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1Guys            Empty Guys on Tue Oct 14, 2014 1:08 pm


Make a post containing your first post on the mystal site and your most recent rp post in general

The difference is kind of startling

One of the first:
Muse flopped down in Roran's throne, absentmindly scratching at the arm. She stared up at the ceiling, assuming if she hung around long enough Aiya would have to appear

Most recent:

The walk from the station to the Catalpa's trails probably wasn't considering particularly long by anyone but herself, the limping and dragging motion of her strait not making the walk any easier. She carried a pink, flower clad backpack that had been packed so full it was admittedly hard to zip up. This is because she tried to fit all her clothing in as little backpacks as she could and, after selling some of it, had ended up with two backpacks worth of luggage.

While the pink back was slung over her shoulder was slung over her shoulder, but the second, slightly smaller gray bag, was hung over her hook by the top strap, the weight pulling down on the prothesis slightly, but causing no real concern. The straps that held it on were stronger enough to handle a bit of extra weight, after all. A few times, the bag had slipped off her hook, which was built facing downwards making the fall easy, and she had to place down the other one to pick the other one up. The thing was horribly designed anyways, but it was better than not having an arm there at all.

But fortunately, she made it to the house soon enough. She paused as she neared it, taking the building in and trying to recollect what little information she had really been offered. Just a name and a location, really. A name that wasn't one she could particularly say was all too common, either, so it would be easy enough to tell if she had done all that walking just to end up at the wrong house. Of course if she did, she would deny all disappointment in having to keep looking and trudge off before anyone called her bluff. For now, however, she stepped up to the front door and dropped the aforementioned gray bag, though this time the drop wasn't an accident.

She ran her hand over the stone surrounding the door for a moment, not entirely sure that this would work out well. But she knocked anyways, accepting that at the very least it would be better than her previous living arrangements when still stuck with Gregory. And she knocked with her metal hook, moving at her shoulder hitting the hook against the wood. She was hoping the metal would be loud enough to draw whoever the home owner was to the front door and hopefully, that homeowner would be the one she was supposed to be living with

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First: Ashley strolled down by the lake,wearing shorts,a long sheer blousy tank,flip flops and sunglasses.She was loving the heat.

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