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NOTICE: This is heavily video game inspired, as in the bio includes optional skill points for you to assign and persuasion checks(or other checks) that require a persuasion pass, so if no one used the skill points the suggested line of conversation will not appear.

This is plot driven, but also big on the character development. The plot is not set in stone, the outcomes all depend on you and your characters.

This said, there will sometimes be suggested conversations or courses of action. As stated before, if no one used skill points, these just won't be suggested

Player characters CAN die, if you allow it. If your character dies, you can make another who won't be tied to the things to the intro, but can still join the party.

Each player can make and have two characters in the party at any time (For example, Mavedah is my first char in there, but at a later point you have the possibility of a very injured Coriana joining (which will have pros and cons, of course)

"Who's to say that dreams and nightmares aren't as real as the here and now?"-John Lennon, apparently

The tale you are to take part in is not a happy one, people die and homes are lost. Nightmares haunt ones waking moments and come true, only join if you are ready for your Hero to go through any possible emotional trauma.

The Rakotsh believe that any and every dream is very likely to influence one's life and their entire religion is intertwined with dreams. They believe that evil spirits reside in your dreams and if something bad happens in one, it is best to leave Naveen for good as not to harm the peoples. This however, is not an option for the Ba-Sharok, who instead must find ways to combat the the foretold happenings.

Some may say they place too much stock in these fantasies, but as the current Era draws to a close, it begins to seem more and more clear that they may just be right. Nightmares are beginning to haunt people's nights and even find themselves

"Iz buiw, never underestimate your Visions. No, please.. for my sake, little bear, be careful..."-Madevah, discussing her companion's dreams. (Positive relationship)

Our tale, dear roleplayer, begins in Haven, a rural community in Horan. Of course, anyone knows that Horan is probably the muddiest, least enjoyable continent to live on and that is where an unfortunate Rakotsh finds herself. This girl has been captured by the church, who have convinced the rather dull villagers that the girl is a demon.

Most of the people's of Neshyrea know what the Rokotsh are, but these people are surprisingly stupid. It is this stupidity that led to a public bout of torture, would later be followed by her execution. If the people had known that the girl were not a monster and was simply different than they, they may have stopped the abuse, but alas they didn't know and they didn't care to question the church for why would the church lie?

Simple. The church in Havan is very corrupt, and barely worships any god anymore and instead remains to take advantage of the people's belief

(Warning, don't read this if torture scenes or terrible writing bothers you.. I don't think it's very graphic, but better safe than sorry.)

Her public torture was just yesterday, perhaps you were there. It was quite sickening, no? They had her hands bound and her legs weighed down so she was unable to run. Not that she would want to try, in their capturing of her they had done their best to injure them. The village simply stood by and watched as the girl screamed and the church's warriors sawed through her horns, tearing off most of them and just leaving the base. These would be fashioned into different things, one would end up a strange sort of dagger and the other was likely made a necklace, to mock her. After the torture had ended, the mutilated horn had been shaped into the symbol the priest's wore and was hung around her neck as her sobs continued to wreck through or weakened body.

Once the horns were cut off, they cut her and wiped her. Burned and beat her. They found some sort of sadistic enjoyment in it, I imagine. If you were there, you didn't watch, did you? I would be very disappointed to find out you enjoyed the scene as well. Did you see the pained look as they added scars to her face, one for each freckle? Freckle's she had likely earned from time spent in the sun, since that's where her people spend most of their time.

Finally they stopped, though they left her out on the wooden platform where her writhing in pain earned her a few splinter's in her wounds. People stopped by and publicly mocked her and were greatly disappointed when she had stopped writhing, forcing herself to regain the forced composure she had withheld before they had tormented her. She sat as rigid as she could, trying not to move and worsen her wounds. She was actually praying she might die from them, as at least then she wouldn't face whatever they planned for tomorrow.

The next day came though, but she still lived. She had been unable to sleep as well, and her eyes constantly showed great sadness and even greater fear for what was to come.

So far, they have done nothing. Coriana, the priestess who arranged and oversaw the torture, stands near her, smirking and saying quite harsh and cruel things to the tortured girl. As you approach the platform, Coriana drags the girl towards you then steps back, watching you to see what you have come to do.

Almost immediately, the girl began whispering and begging for help.

Though she may mean differently than you think, as it's likely she wants to die. Instead, you'll be trying to help her escape. You have two options: Bribery or jail break. But remember, in either she will require healing and unless you are a powerful mage, this will also cost money. SO choose carefully friend, and help Madevah, or Matilda to the village.

That might be the worst part, they went out of their way to name the girl they wanted to torture...

General Outline
The Public Hanging

  • Sticky Sweet
  • Tree Toad Kissies
  • The Hanging
  • The Escape
    Run! You need to get Mavedah to a healer!
    Coriana agreed to let you go if you paid the bribe, but she's lied! She's taken the money and is now sending the church warriors after you, claiming you somehow broke Mavedah out of her confines!

Crushed Freedom
Not so much a quest line as the first major event after.. y'know, the introduction. Here you'll meet P3 (name will be inserted here later) if they are present, who'll permanently join the party. If not, Reynold, an npc, will join the party for the duration of the event. Scripted to take  3-5 pages, but may be longer or shorter  depending on character interactions.
The Wild Witch
A quest in and of itself, this does not have to be done immediately upon the completion of Crushed Freedom. You can first go to Nazene to do some optional quests and experience silly little, unimportant quests. Nazene quests will not be shown until you decide if you will visit it before this quest, as this is the only time you can do so.

Annnddd.. that's all you need about that for now.. Moving on!

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