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sweet dreams

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1sweet dreams Empty sweet dreams on Sat May 03, 2014 9:53 pm

Friendly Local Witch

Friendly Local Witch
A crack, a pop, a sizzle. Next to you, an old, brass radio whirs to life, playing a jazzy tune. It is covered with bright pastel stickers of unicorns, tigers, puppies, and rainbows. It doesn't seem to be connected to a power source of any means. You sit up, confused--this isn't your bedroom. It's dazzling and fluffy and sweet and all amounts of pink. Across the room, hung up on the wall, is a sign, which reads: WELCOME TO THE DREAM! You are under pink, white polka dotted covers that are unimaginably soft and inviting, and the pillow that just moments before held your sleeping head smells delightfully of lilies. You take a moment to drink in your frilly surroundings, before the song on the radio ends and a sweet, childish girl's voice comes through softly.

"Good evening, and welcome to the Dream!" she chirps happily, "My name is May, and I'm your host here on Radio Night-Night! We've finally reached the finale of our Dreaming program; stay tuned for the titillating ending! To all new listeners late to the program, or those with particularly forgetful minds, I'd like to remind you of the rules and warnings for your safety. Please, remain in the pink area. Do not pay any mind to strange noises or sightings. There are only three doors situated in the Hallway, excluding the ones on either end; do not look for a fourth door. Do not touch any paintings. Do not harm any fragile things, such as vases, china, or people's feelings. We cannot guarantee your safety if you do not comply with these rules! Any areas outside of this Pink Dream may not be suitable for children or those of a nervous disposition. If you find yourself in an unfavorable area, please find your way back to the Pink Dream immediately."

The girl pauses for a long while, and you suppose that means she's finished. Strange--it'd make sense for her to continue, or at least begin a new song. The radio's little speaker snapped beside you on the bedside table, signaling that she was still on air. You think you hear her breathing into the mic.

Another look around the room reveals more about your environment, although none if it is much of a surprise. There is a painting on the wall past the bedside table that depicts an adorable little girl, who seems to be perhaps ten or twelve with bubblegum pink hair, a ruffly white silk dress, and a cheery little ruby red smile. The wall on the other side of the bed has a window that streams in orange cream light, the occasional lazy evening cloud roaming over to cover up the setting sun for a few moments before moving on to something more interesting that catches its eye. Under the window is another painting, which is very strange. It might be depicting a group of people having a picnic., they're too close together to be doing that. What is that man eating, then? His mouth is wide open and grasping something. That woman there is drooling. This woman is sitting on this man's lap in some sort of chair. There's about ten people, and they're all tangled together in strange positions.

Weird. Must be some kind of abstract piece.

That seems to be it for your surroundings; there isn't much else to inspect. The only other strange thing of note is that you think you hear a girl humming sweetly, not from the radio, but through the wall in the other room over.

So, what do you do now, then?

2sweet dreams Empty Re: sweet dreams on Sat May 03, 2014 11:05 pm


Rowan was still confused about where she was, tugging down on the top she had worn to bed as to better cover her purple, heart clad undies. She would have to pause to be thankful she had worn the oversized sweater to bed instead of taking it off and putting on an actual pajama-top. If she hadn't, she might be more exposed in this wherever. Presumably, the May girl has something to do with it, but that thought is mostly fueled by the fact the breathing coming in through the speaker is creeping her out.

May, if that was her name after all, had called this the Dream? Was she serious because Rowan doubted it. She had even read that most 'people' in dreams would insist otherwise should you ask, but if she was being truthful this wasn't nearly as creepy. In fact, if it was a dream there wouldn't be any harm in slipping back into that bed and enjoying the imaginary comfort until she woke up for real. Maybe she'd even fall asleep and dream inside her dream! That'd certainly be a strange idea, she could even bother Nathan about that in the morning. The only problem with her plan was the radio. The breathing was still there, but that should be fixable.

She made her way back over to the radio, her footsteps softened by her white, slightly see through socks, and attempted to turn it off or even just lower the volume. Either outcome would be nice, actually. Actually, if she couldn't turn it off, she'd just try to shove it off it's nice little stand and see if she could break it.

On her way over, she did again get distracted by the more unusual painting, but quickly shoved it out of her mind since that of course couldn't be anything she should think about. A painting was a painting, even if these abstract things did hurt her head. Determined not to allow herself to be overly distracted, she finished her very short trek and began prodding things, not really putting any thought into the madness that was her order of twisting, pushing, and possible lifting.

(I can try for something longer next time, trying to get this and a reply for auntie done before bed)

3sweet dreams Empty Re: sweet dreams on Sun May 04, 2014 1:24 am

Friendly Local Witch

Friendly Local Witch
The radio had no dials, switches, or anything of the like on it--only the brass speaker that was dotted with stickers. The one button upon it was at the very base, if one could call it a button. It had been tampered with and properly torn out, leaving a perfectly button-shaped hole instead of the button proper. It was covered by a particularly large sticker of a pegasus with a rainbow mane, but it was easy to tell that something had once been there.

"And now it's time for a quick Q&A!" May said suddenly, almost nervously rushed in response to Rowan's rigorous inspection of the radio. "We have a question here anonymous person who would like to go by Ayanami Blue! So, Ayanami asks: 'There's a strange radio in my room, that's not connected by a cord or anything! The broadcast is freaking me out a little. How do I shut it off?" May paused to giggle sweetly, if a bit unnervingly. "Why, that's an excellent question, Ayanami! I'm afraid to say there is no way to turn it off, nor turn down the volume! It's unbreakable, too, so don't try throwing it against the ground or wall! That wouldn't end well at all! Trust me." The last two words were spoken coldly, deeply, seriously; her sudden change in speech was spine-chilling.

Her saccharine disposition soon returned, though. "What an excellent question, Ayanami!" she giggled, "We appreciate it quite a bit, as well as everyone else's we've received so far! In fact, everyone's been so super-sweet, my sisters--who are regrettably out at the moment--and I have decided you all deserve a gift! Everyone who is otherwise, please return to your Pink Bedrooms now to receive the present! If you are currently in yours, please move to stand directly in front of the radio, and look a liiiiittle bit to your right!"

If one did so, they would find something on the desk that certainly was not there before: a little vase with one beautiful white lily sticking out of it. It had six perfect petals on it.

[All Dreamers got one (1) WHITE LILY.]

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