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This is the actions board for the D&D'esque RP group. Please, do NOT  post here if you are not a member of this group. All actions pertaining to the storyline and what is happening will be posted to here, along with all replies by our members. Thank you.
In the midst of a small, ramshackle sort of town, stood an old troll. Horns faded with age, cracked and chipped from sweep after sweep of wear. His armor battered, scuffed, and patched over time and time again to get a look as old as his eyes. He was waiting, waiting for an assortment of lads and waifs whom he and his old neighbor had recruited through land and sea, to trickle in to this demolished shell of a town. So far only a handful have been noted, having any semblance of worth to themselves. They were the ones of the correct blood. Those who carry a lineage as old as Alternia itself. Descendants, all of them, of an ungodly cult that figured out how to bend the pure essence of life itself into a power that could bend time, space, matter, all to its will. It could obliterate what it was willed to do, or it was able to renew anything, into a state of vigor it never had before.

The arrivals were expected to be late, the old one having no faith in any troll aside from himself. Younglings were so very, very, insanely incompetent. Turning a bit, shifting his leaning position against the shattered remnants of a banister, he chuckled. "Ahh, light above, Malkat... I said be here before dawn and these little shits think its all good to show up well after the damn suns up and we all start cookin... its horrendous, ya know?" His frown, heavily evident on his face as he stared at his always smiling, never fucking blinking friend, he shakes his head. looking away as he listened for the retort, he doesn't reply after. he just settles in, waiting, watching still.

Fast forward a few hours, with the first few rays of light about to be breaching the horizon. They new ones are congregating in the main plaza, all there, all accounted for. Now, was teh time for first contact.
"Howdy, all of you limp wrists. What took yall so long? I mean damn. A date, and a time, are NOT  hard to stay on top of. You had perigees to get here for lords sake. I mean... what excuse do yall got?" His glare waved about the group, falling upon one of the Purple blooded males. He scoffed a moment or so after eyeing him up and then started addressing everyone once more.
"Ok, i think i aught not bitch to much more. Its nearly light. Now, you all know why yer here, yeah? go on a big ole treasure hunt, find some coin and all sorts of special shit. But i think yall aughta know... This aint gonna be easy. Its the exact damn opposite of easy. Shit can and will hit the fan and i cant promise ya that i, or any of your new companions here, can keep ya alive. Yall can turn back and leave now if ya want, I wont stop ya... But if you start out here with all of us, its a binding contract, and by the light, if you attempt to break that contract there will be NO remorse involving them there repercussions. Am i understood, wriggler?"
He stared at each person, one after the other, waiting for someone to pussy foot on out of there. Though, either way, all would still come to pass, he was sure of it.
Standing tall, picking up his shield and flail, backing them and then glancing at the packbeasts, he sighed. "Ready up yall. we got a bit of a walk to go on before the sun gets up."

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