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Bard Quest 2: The Sequel

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1Bard Quest 2: The Sequel Empty Bard Quest 2: The Sequel on Sat Mar 08, 2014 5:03 pm

Friendly Local Witch

Friendly Local Witch
"We're finally moved in, honey!" Your mother gleefully claps her hands together after setting down the last box containing your winter coats in the corner of your new room's closet. You--yes, you!--are a little kid of about ten, maybe eleven years of age, recently moved into this small house for two with your single mother, ready for the new life ahead of you. Your mom walks over to you and gives your forehead a kiss, which you pull away from as quickly as possible to avoid catching her gross parent cooties. You still appreciate the sentiment, though. "Sorry, honey," she says with a chuckle, walking towards the door. "How about you go outside and explore the block a bit, while I work on unpacking the food we brought and making dinner, hm?" You think that's a pretty good idea. You never really had many friends back in your old town, so working on making some here sounds good. You exit behind your mom and go downstairs, leaving through the front door after giving you mom a quick "bye". Strolling down the quiet block, you come to a very strange scene: two boys your age block the sidewalk, fighting. One has a tin foil circlet around his brunette head, wearing a blue bathrobe much too large for him and holding a large and pointy stick as if it were a sword. The other boy wore earmuffs with large elf ears made of cardboard taped to the side, a green hoodie with an odd orange symbol in fabric paint on the back, and held a pair of dull kid's scissors in each hand like knives.
"Prepare to die!" the latter called, waving his scissors in front of the other.
"No, no! I have a health potion!" he replied, taking a small energy drink out of his pocket and moving to open it.
"No you don't," elf eared boy said, reaching forward, grabbing it, and throwing it across the street.
"That's cheating!"
"No it's not! I have bested thee!"
"Oh no! He has bested thee! I mean, me! Somebody, help!"

What do you do?

> Grab a twig and stab the elf eared boy in the back.
> Grab a small pebble and throw it at the bathrobe boy to finish him off.
> Do nothing, but ask them what they're doing.
> Do nothing and watch.


Everyone remember this? No, I guess not, considering there's maybe about two people here nowadays. (As you can see I am very bitter about that. Growls.) But this is a thing I did for about a day on the old Mystal site that was rly fun looking back on it, and I want to do it again on a bigger and better scale! Which obviously means taking it out of the real fantasy setting and pushing it into a fifth graders LARPing setting. Woohoo!
So, you'll use a younger version of a character you already have (which I will also do and you will see later if people join in) because making an entirely new one would waste time, and it'd be fun to see how they'd be younger and react to these situations! Yay! If you don't remember how to reply in this format, here's how you do it. You begin your post with >[Character Name]: [Action], and then write out them performing that action. Example:

>David: Grab a twig and stab the elf eared boy in the back.

David, not exactly sure what was going on and actually a bit scared, responded on simply instinct to the call for help. He picked up a short twig from the nearby neighbor's lawn and poked the elf boy in his back softly, not certain as to what he was doing and why he was doing it.

I would then reply with the boys' response.
Also: No characters exist in the same world. They won't cross paths, unless or until I want them to. All actions are performed on separate planes of existence, until I say they aren't. Mwahaha.

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