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1 COUGH SOMEONE HELP ME WITH MY OC COUGH on Wed Mar 05, 2014 7:22 pm

Friendly Local Witch

Friendly Local Witch
I have this new OC that I REALLY REALLY LIKE but I kinda just want opinions or help???
I don't know if I wanna just post info I have here and then have anyone who wants say some stuff or if I'll have people who actually CARE and WANT TO receive a PM???
I'm not sure. Should I just do an info dump or tailor the info and PM it to anyone who wants to help me? We have some mighty big questions here today folks.

2 Re: COUGH SOMEONE HELP ME WITH MY OC COUGH on Wed Mar 05, 2014 7:49 pm


You could go ahead and post the most basic of information here and the lazier people could try to help based off that, and then feel free to pm anyone willing to help the best they can? (btw, I can try to help if you'd like.)

3 Re: COUGH SOMEONE HELP ME WITH MY OC COUGH on Wed Mar 05, 2014 8:16 pm

Friendly Local Witch

Friendly Local Witch
Actually you know I'll just write until I can't anymore and people who WANT to help get the rest.
(Do you WANT to help is the question here though)
Let's goooooo!

Name: March Rosemary Maloley
Age/DOB: 19/October 30 ????
Place of Birth: Town of K, Quadrant II (This is dumb original universe imfo. She lives in a sort of Western-y town that's basically a bunch of farms separated by woods over a really wide expanse with a town cleared in the center.)
Gender: Female
Species: Plain (Universe's word for human)
Family: Father, little sister (Hestia), deceased mother
March is a very somber and even brooding gal. She's grown up being taught that work comes before play always, and rarely got to ever play because of all the work she had to do living on a farm. She doesn't really know how to have fun because of it, and is confused as to why people would waste money on recreation when it could really go towards new tools or to the bills. At nine her mother died, so she had to grow up fast, becoming the family huntswoman and blacksmith. A few years later she went though an accident involving a big monster that took most of her right forearm. March, with the help of her father, crafted herself a partial replacement of many different metals. She continues to hunt today, occasionally finding herself signing up for fighting competitions in the bigger cities nearby.

...There's QUITE a big part to her left, but I'll leave that out because I think that's good all in all. You get the gist. So I need to know if she'd pretty ok and if there's anything else she needs I guess??? I don't know I rly like her but I'm not too sure about her you know??? And I'll PM specific questions and more info yeah yeah.

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