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Mystal au kinda

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1Mystal au kinda Empty Mystal au kinda on Tue Feb 25, 2014 11:55 pm


-Lol so this is a mystal AU but I felt the need to put it here instead don't judge. It's based off of this and the rules stated apply! Use any of your mystal characters or a completely non-mystal character idc which really but this looked great-

Maybell had her head ducked, which wasn't particularly a good idea since she had no idea what was happening when she couldn't read lips, but she hated this. Everyone else got to turn into something cool, or at least something they probably wouldn't completely loathe as an adult, and for god's sake she was turning into a vampire. The sight of blood made her want to faint and this was the cruel twist of fate thrown at her. Her arms were covered with her long sleeved shirt, which unfortunately stopped at her wrists which led to her also wearing gloves. She also wore a large, floppy hat that shaded her face as well as any other parts that might remain uncovered with her almost Amish amount of clothing. She chose to wear the hate since she needed her hands to sign which of course meant an umbrella was out of the question.

Her eyes were covered with sunglasses too big for her face, they were the only ones in her house. Along with the fact, which she found disgusting, that she'd soon actually need to drink blood, even dull natural light had begun to hurt her eyes. She considered thinking of herself as lucky for the moment, unlike her cousin she didn't have scales a-growing and snakes growing where her hair once were. But sure, she wasn't a gorgon and all she had to deal with for the moment was easily taken care of, but she still would rather die than ever have to drink any kind of blood. It was disgusting and she was growing more and more disgusted with herself as she got older and closer to the day when she wouldn't be able to get by off human food.

She waited for her friend, face firmly planted against the glass table as she refused to look up at anyone. Every time a first year, who were lucky enough not to be going through the change yet, went by she started to feel "thirsty" which made her want to cry. Of all the things she could turn into, it had to be this. Soon she would have to start taking night classes and sleep during the day, which meant actually spending time with said friend would be difficult if not impossible, the sun burnt her, and again. Blood.

2Mystal au kinda Empty Re: Mystal au kinda on Wed Feb 26, 2014 7:41 pm

Friendly Local Witch

Friendly Local Witch

Scarlet sat on the hard bench in a curled-up way, knees to her chest. One arm was preoccupied with holding up a little compact mirror, while the other inspected the little horns that were growing out of her forehead. The usually viewed as dull and average and very unpopular girl was turning into the kind of being the popular gals would kill to become: a Fiend, a common type of Succubus. A pair of char-colored, up-curved, admittedly cute horns had sprouted out the front of her head and seemed to be growing more by the day. Scarlet and the specialty guidance counselor--you know, the one who deals only in the changes the kids are going through?--both speculate that they'll grow very large and curve back like a ram's horn, which Scarlet doesn't mind. A tail has been growing out from her tailbone lately as well, with a black spade at its end that could slice through the heart of any man. It wasn't very long yet, though, only reaching her mid-thigh while limply hanging. Sadly, she hasn't started becoming more noticably beautiful yet, but she has had all of the little acne she had clear up completely. Also, she's had to purchase wider-hipped jeans and some bras that were a couple sizes bigger than usual, which was a start. While she inspects herself in the mirror, she plays with a bit of paper in her hands, which happens to be on fire. The flames don't affect her in the least, though, and she actually makes the fire brighter and duller as she tosses it up and down.

((Rakshasa or ice giant, rakshasa or ice giant... HMM...hmm...yep. Going with ice giant.))

PJ had always known he'd be some sort of giant when he got older. The signs were pretty strong, even at a young age--what kind of fourth grader stood at 5'5"? But now, as a teen (and standing at 6'7" no doubt), he would've never guessed icicles would begin to grow in place of fingernails, his chestnut hair would start turning white blond, and his jade eyes would begin shifting to a pair of brilliant blues. He's thankful that, as a person, he hasn't changed at all, compared to some of his other old friends who are growing up to be all manners of spiteful demons. No, he's still the nicest guy you'll ever meet, though his mother has begun to notice he's become more docile, quiet, and even shy as of late. Perhaps when you're built for the isolation of a frigid mountain, your personality starts to prepare for loneliness. Despite so, PJ makes an effort to make whatever friends he can, and spotting one sitting behind a glass table now, he makes his way over there. He knew that calling to her wouldn't grab her attention, so instead he got down on all fours and crawled under the table, grinning at her through the glass and waving. It was easy to be friends with Maybell for him compared to other kids; no blood in those veins, a pure liquid nitrogen-like ichor instead ran through them.

((Look at all them there words I made. Go me.))

3Mystal au kinda Empty Re: Mystal au kinda on Wed Feb 26, 2014 8:36 pm


Maybell hadn't particularly expected PJ to go that route since most of the few people that ever really talked to her, both before and after this whole whirlwind of suck had started, tended to take the ever successful "gently tapping on her shoulder" route. That wasn't to say this irritated her in anyway, it was just to point out that she jumped when she saw him suddenly underneath the table, letting out a small squeak of surprise. The startled look found itself replaced with a sheepish smile quickly enough. She was certainly one hell of a vampire, getting jumpy over nothing.

"Get out from under there." She attempted an authoritative, scolding voice, but couldn't help but laugh from the combination of how silly it was for her to scold anyone and the fact she sounded ever weirder than normal (or so she'd be told, which led to her giggling at herself for trying to figure out what she sounded like when she had literally no recollection of sound). Apparently, according to her ever useful sibling, she sounded even stupider than she did when she had braces, since both gave her a slight lisp to go with her Deaf "accent".

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Friendly Local Witch

Friendly Local Witch
"Yes ma'am," PJ responded equally sheepishly, though he always spoke in a quiet manner nowadays anyway, and slid out from under the table. He even signed it as he spoke too. He was getting pretty good at sign language from consistent study, able to make a plethora of coherent sentences and phrases. He stood, slouching to avoid hitting his head against the the low hanging ceiling lamp, and sat down next to Maybell with his legs stretched out under the table. Being near him made the air chill a little, but it wasn't a creepy, uncomfortable cool. Rather, the kind of good cold that's perfect for curling up in front of a fireplace and roasting chestnuts or marshmallows. 'What's up?' he signed, grinning broadly.

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"You're getting good at this" Maybell mentioned, ever impressed with his progress. Didn't have to correct him as much now, which was always a bonus. If Maybell was aware of the chill PJ brought, she didn't make any sign of it. She simply readjusted her floppy hat so it would cast the shade better now that she wasn't draped over the table melodramatically. "Besides the fact I'm basically teething? Not much, but I did hear a werewolf bit a hole in the headmaster's pants."

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Friendly Local Witch

Friendly Local Witch
"Thank you," he murmured, clasping his hands in front of him and leaning forward, dangling his arms between his spread out legs, a position he assumed often. PJ chuckled softly, quirking an eyebrow. "Really? That's hilarious. And I'm sorry about the teeth, that's really gotta hurt..." He couldn't say he sympathized, as much as he wanted to. Many of the changes he went through were more uncomfortable than painful. The switch from bone to hard frozen ice was really getting to him recently, as an example, and that was an around the clock unsettling feeling that gave him the jitters and the need to move in some way almost constantly.

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"I know, just he doesn't think so." Actually, apparently it had something to do why he was so pissed off all day long. He wasn't the only unamused by it, there was a group just as angry about it. Got real pissed at her for laughing about it, as well.. that or they were just using it as an excuse. They tended to do some harsh things to her anyways, like that morning they had taken her gloves and hat, leaving her stranded under the shade of a tree for all her morning classes. "It could be worse, I'm sure"

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