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I can’t control myself. I must have a weakness for insufferable pricks.

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Friendly Local Witch

Friendly Local Witch
A head short, soft, feminine, orange peel-colored hair fluffed about in the breeze as its owner, a tall and lean girl in what looked to be some sort of ancient Nordic battle armor getup sprinted through the forest. She wasn't running from anything, thankfully; but rather, to something. A very special something. Perhaps a special someone. But for now, all that is obvious is she was very intent on getting to there--or them--quickly.

((Alright, so, kind of not really at all OC all up in here.
So uh there's gonna be some fightin' but a chick is preferred for this??? Dudes are cool too put if you want super in with the universe and stuff a chick would be down.
More info as it's needed. Like, her name for instance. Heheh.))

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