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1Trying to write a post Empty Trying to write a post on Tue Jan 28, 2014 7:10 pm


Ethan sat down at a table, eyeing the costumers and looking bored out of his mind. Which was funny, considering this "cafe" was weird as all hell. It wasn't just themed, it was themed around fairy tales in general and the three fairy tales they did rotated weekly. This week the Queen of Heart's cafe, named after what would become everyone's favourite theme, went with the theme of Alice in Wonderland in which Ethan was quite literally forced into a Mad Hatter costume. At least it was better than the Little Mermaid theme in which all females refused to be a mermaid and they, again quite literally, forced him into shimmery pants and had him go pretend this was an appropriate costume. Apparently, according his boss Lisbeth, no one exactly complained.

Admittedly, it made him quite comfortable, but he'd rather work here than go back to Mystal.

For now, he removed the top hat from his head and spun it on the table, watching as people were served by the only other wait staff willing to continue working in this shitty work place. For diners, it was great. But when you were literally threatened to wear things that were quite.. sexual harassment-y.. it kind of sucked.

Okay it really sucked, but he was terrified to try to quit. But for now, he had to stop dwelling on how much he screwed up getting this job as he heard more people coming in and it was quite clear that Marianne, the other staff working here, was too busy to take care of them.

So he stood up, flipped the stupid top hat into the air, and than placed it upon his head in a rather show offy manner before going to see whoever came in to one of the free seats. He would never understand why this lame cafe was popular.

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Friendly Local Witch

Friendly Local Witch
Tap, tap. Tap, tap. Tap, tap.
This is how David's pencil went against the marble of the table he had only sat down at moments before. No one had bothered to seat him, so when he saw a free table, he took it. He probably would have been worse off having to communicate to the host or hostess. He wasn't very good at that. Bringing thoughts back to the subject at hand, which was currently the problem of how he was going to correctly program this robot he was working on. Across the table, other notes David had written himself were spread out, along with a few textbooks and two electronic tablets. They weren't really tablets, though, as they were more of a magical persuasion, and acting more as screens of information floating softly above the table's surface. David's expression was intense, eyebrows furrowed, chewing on his lip or the end of his pencil, and occasionally running a hand through his hair and letting out a sigh with frustration.

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When Maurice had left the campus, it had been late mid day and the sun was shinning. Leaning it to appear nice and warm when in reality it was freezing. So bundled in a sweater and windbreaker he had headed out into Magic town. He teleported into the town square because it was just easier that way. Looking up at the sky there were storm clouds swirling around and clouding the sky with an eerie gray.
The rain started to pour and he cursed out something before hurrying into the nearest establishment before he was soaked. An Alice and Wonderland themed café. What a strange little cafe, he thought to himself. Not like everything else in this town wasn't strange. But just the fact that it was so elaborate, with the employees in costumes and everything. But anyway,who cared because the smell of food made him realize he was hungry.

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As the weather got worse and worse, more and more people found themselves being served by a blonde girl doing her best Alice and Ethan, who would were the costume, which included everything but a shirt which again he wondered why the hell Lisbeth thought this was sanitary, but refused to play the part of the hatter. He would force a smile and welcome them, but he would not be turned into a little circus monkey for their amusement.

As he led two women to their table, he paused and tapped Maurice's shoulder, pointing towards a table "If you could sit there, I can serve you in a second." Despite the "costumer friendly" smile he offered, his spoke very monotonously. When he had finished what he had to say, he led the woman to the opposite end of the cafe, sitting them done and handing them each a menu


Ethan, on his way back to Maurice, did pause when he realized they had somehow missed someone while seating people. He paused, nearby to the table, but looked up to see if he could get Marianne to help one of them, but of course she couldn't. She was busy with a group of three, so he sighed, still hating this job, and turned his attention to this one first. Not one for conversations, he just started right in with the job, not even bothering to pause and get his attention properly as he looked for a menu and, unable to find one, took one out of the hat instead.
"Sorry for missing you," He forced the smile again, starting to feel.. something coming from where Marianne was. He would force himself to ignore it, probably not even anything major. "You interested in anything?"

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Friendly Local Witch

Friendly Local Witch
David blinked. There was an unfamiliar voice addressing him...? He wasn't sure why, or how. All he'd ever known was the one voice constantly talking to him. How could--
Oh, right, he thought, you idiot. It's a real person. Looking up with a flick of his head to get any hair out of eyes, he considered the man with the cheesy, unnerving smile. Well, really, first David considered his bare chest (which didn't make him think positively at any kind of food they must serve there), and then his face. "Oh, uh--no, no it's fine, I sort of just...seated myself...," he fumbled over his words. "N-no, I'm sorry, no, uh, thank you..."

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