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The Darkside

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1The Darkside Empty The Darkside on Sat Jan 25, 2014 9:21 pm


The world is not what it seems. The darkness hides below the surface, unreachable by those who refuse to stray from the path of what’s considered normal by those too mundane to see the truth of life. They walk a path walked by many, some of those are able to avoid the world they don’t even realize is there while others..

Well, those unknown causes of death are from something, right?

It’s the same all over, in the city or in the country. In America or Tibet,

The world of monsters lurks just beyond what our eyes can see.. unless they choose you.

Being chosen is different for everyone and the only defining factors are that the creature wants you to know and/or what they do has a huge impact on your life (such as a vampire biting you, though they usually kill when they drink)

When you’re chosen you’ll see the world shift and change before your very eyes. Buildings that had never existed before pop up all over the place, even between two buildings that apparently weren’t as close together as you had always thought. People who are not awakened to this existance can not see you, though you can see them, and they seem completely unaware if they bump into you, though you most certainly can impact them. If you stand in the way you can make them trip and fall over, you can keep them from falling, but you can not awaken them to this world. That is something only a creature born into this world can do, not someone like you.

You are some of those unfortunate enough to be dragged down into this world of shadows and death. I’m unaware of what happened to you to cause this, but hopefully you’ll be kind enough to tell me while you’re here. And you will be here awhile, unless you want to try to brave the world on your own with no protection from the beings that inhabit it. Trust me, you won’t survive very long. So for now, for at least two years, I expect you to stay in the Sanctuary of the church. Then you are free to leave during the day, but always return before ten o’clock. It’s just as dangerous during the day as it is after ten, but that is when we lock the doors and if you’re not inside the sanctuary my kind will think it means you’re free for the taking.

One final note is that, while you are allowed to spend days outside after two years, this church is your home now. From now on until you die.

You may also notice your actions are more.. what’s the word, contrasting? Not as accurate, but it will do. There is a notion, created by the Catholic church, that, while not exact, is the best way we can explain this phenomenon to you as it affects us.

Depending on what day you are awakened on, you will show qualities of a certain virtue. Mondays are Chastity, while Sundays, the seventh day, are Humility.
Depending on the time, you will show qualities of a certain vice. Our clock works differently than yours, and it goes that the first period of the day (9 AM-12 Pm, according to your workings of the clock) is Lust and the last period of the day (occuring between 6 am and 9am on your clock) correlates to Pride.

On your first day you will be told what Virtue and Vice you belong to, taught of the religions in this world, assigned a room (which you will be sharing with someone else, though we put no thought into the genders in each room so don’t think you’re in the wrong room if there’s a male there and you’re female ), and put on a special diet and work out routine, fit people are more likely to escape a threat.

On the first day of your second year, it will be revealed to you if you have gained any magic abilities from staying in our world. Most do not and it’s all dependant on your Virtue and Vice, but even then there’s no guarantee that you will or will not gain abilities.

Profile thinger
upon being added to the character list, I’ll pm you a secret name yur character has been assigned to use in certain situations! Do not reveal your name under any circumstance!

Age: (15-25, just because)
How Long Have They Been Awakened? (only one person can say they’ve been there the full two years, not counting myself, and it goes to whoever says it first)
Would You Say They’re…
Strong or Weak?:
Intelligent or Slow?:
Charming or Blunt?:
(Those will help me know if the two year will have magic, but also tell me if your character will sometimes be randomly called in for things)

It’s possible for someone’s Virtue and Vice to be opposites of eachother, IE Chastity and Lust, but please avoid doing that? Please?

Character list:
Renee Felix
Hemmie Willaims
Cecil McCleavey
The plot shall be revealed during the rp >:3

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2The Darkside Empty Re: The Darkside on Sat Jan 25, 2014 9:43 pm


Name: Hemmi Williams
Age: (15-25, just because) 16
Virtue: Temperance
Vice: Wrath (fuck yeah)
How Long Have They Been Awakened? A Year and a Half
Personality: Hates basically everyone, but has the need to feel close to someone completely different from her. (i might edit later)
Would You Say They’re…
Strong or Weak?: Not much of either
Intelligent or Slow?: Intelligent
Charming or Blunt?: Sweet Talker
(Those will help me know if the two year will have magic, but also tell me if your character will sometimes be randomly called in for things)

The Darkside Shingeki-9-32-mikasa-ackerman


3The Darkside Empty Re: The Darkside on Sat Jan 25, 2014 9:57 pm


Name: Renee Felix
Age: 17
Virtue: Diligence
Vice: Wrath
How Long Have They Been Awakened?: Two Years
Personality: Resourceful, Helpful, Confident, Impatiant, Stubborn, Arrogant, Loving
Would You Say They’re…
Strong or Weak?: Weak
Intelligent or Slow?: Intelligent
Charming or Blunt?: Blunt
(Those will help me know if the two year will have magic, but also tell me if your character will sometimes be randomly called in for things)
Face Claim is Jane Levy

The Darkside Rvewk3

-Renee is capable of magic!-

I will let you know if yours is too if they're the other 2 year-er? (is that a word?)

4The Darkside Empty Re: The Darkside on Sat Jan 25, 2014 10:10 pm

Eden Lozano

Each Character gets a secret name and account to sign into to use during secret masquerades and meetings! Zan will make an email account for the account and everything. She'll email you the password and account name and you can feel free to change the password later!

5The Darkside Empty Re: The Darkside on Sat Jan 25, 2014 10:11 pm

Freddie Roe

Make sure to share your name with no one! It's funner this way!

Now guess, am I Renee... or maybe Hemmie?

You'll find out if I die during any secret society events!

6The Darkside Empty Re: The Darkside on Sun Jan 26, 2014 1:08 am

Friendly Local Witch

Friendly Local Witch
Ah, Mikasa. I like.
This is cool, even if I don't understand fully. ^^"

Name: Cecil McCleavey
Age: 20
Virtue: Humility
Vice: Gluttony (Not eating--drinking. He's a super drunkard.)
How Long Have They Been Awakened? 2 years? Because I'm awesome and I'm first. Ye, ye.
Personality: He can be by turns serious and cheerful, switching between extreme tones at the drop of a hat. Very genial, usually, unless very tired or sad. Cecil's also fairly stubborn, brooding, a schmoozer if he needs to be, a perfectionist, a bit paranoid, and loves the cold.
Would You Say They’re…
Strong or Weak?:
Weak (Fighting-wise. If you asked him to carry something big or push a big rock for ya he could very easily do it.)
Intelligent or Slow?: Intelligent.
Charming or Blunt?: Charming.
Picture/Description: Cecil is very tall (6'4") and has tanned, olive-ish skin. He has short brown hair on either side of his head and a bleach blond coif sorta thing at the top/center. He wears glasses, and normally a vest/dress shirt/tie, sweater, or something else at least a little bit fancier than just tee shirt and jeans. He has occult-like tattoos up his arms littered with images of eyes. Also, a tattoo of an octopus that starts at his chest and whom's tentacles wrap up around his collar, shoulders, and neck. Kinda like this, basically.

7The Darkside Empty Re: The Darkside on Sun Jan 26, 2014 10:53 am


-Cecil has magic powers- (and if you'd rather he didn't, ignore the following dearie! The answers to my question just mean he can have magic if you'd like!

The powers aren't particularly strong and if he's not careful he can accidentally zap someone without meaning too (may I mention this probably pisses other people off)

He, like other people at the sanctuary who developed magic due to exposure to supernatural creatures, has minor control over all the elements, but he also, unlike others, has the ability to interact with paintings (such as he can bring something out of a painting such as fire or a weapon). In some ways it's handy, but he can sometimes accidentally do this since his powers aren't particularly strong, and he might accidentally let out a flood once or twice in the future, much to the dismay of his room mates

Since there's currently only three people, they can all share the same room (one of them sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag since there's only two beds per room) (even though the plot means they won't be at the sanctuary for most of the plot)

I'll also make a starting rp post in half an hour or so

8The Darkside Empty Re: The Darkside on Sun Jan 26, 2014 12:30 pm


(Yay for being like way late because it's been way more than half an hour I think but heyyy! RP post!)

Renee stood in one of the hallways of what must have been catacombs millennia ago, but now where hallways leading to and from the bedrooms. Two years ago, she wouldn't have even known this place had existed. The park had always appeared empty, except for a few swings and such, and if she had walked through it, she could have confirmed it to be empty..

Just, apparently, it wasn't empty. In fact there was a huge, old looking church taking up most of the ground space in the park. It even sat on top of the swings she had played on as a kid. And then, not only that, but there was a basement. If you could call these winding and twisting rooms, the walls only enough for two rows of people to squeeze through (There was a rule to always stay to the right side of the hall, from your perspective, so no one would get stuck in a huge pileup of idiots.) a basement. There were offshooting bedrooms, seemingly built hundreds of years after the halls themselves

Renee was sure they had to be catacombs before because the walls, mostly made out of dirt, looked like there were things behind the surface layer that they had simply covered up. When she first arrived, she tried to dig through and see if she could find a skull or something and to this day she would insist she found a finger's bone before Everick, the vampire who ran the sanctuary, and his son Sebastian happened to find her. I should mention, after that incident she wasn't allowed to wander the halls alone for three months. Sebastian even had to play nanny, which he loathed.

But now Renee heard someone coming up ahead and, begrudgingly, moved to the right side instead of blocking both paths. Slipping her mask back into her bag, which she was trying to paint designs on without being caught. Watching for just a second to see who might be coming before starting her path again, heading upstairs to see if she couldn't sneak some food from the kitchens before she headed outside (where'd she'd probably get in another fight which usually ended with her almost losing until she ran close enough to the edge of the sanctuary grounds that it was impossible for someone not to notice and save her from being brutally torn apart. But she was too cocky to admit she wasn't strong enough to head out alone and continued to plan on doing so.

9The Darkside Empty Re: The Darkside on Sun Jan 26, 2014 12:55 pm

Friendly Local Witch

Friendly Local Witch
In that kitchen stood Cecil, perusing the cabinets silently, as if he were sneaking around as well, but his usual swagger of a walk suggested otherwise. That was always the case--Cecil had a way of making it seem like its perfectly alright for him to be somewhere he may otherwise be banned from, like, say, the kitchen. No one really confronts him about it, though. He wore something simpler than normal--pants and a three-quarter sleeved flannel shirt--but hey, the man had woken up only a few hours ago. It takes time to look that good.
Hearing footsteps nearby, coming from under the door, contrariwise to his confidence just described, Cecil had a short panic attack over the course of five seconds. During which, he slammed a cabinet shut (which he would regret later), hopped over the center island counter (which his tailbone would regret later), and hid behind it quietly. Just in case.

10The Darkside Empty Re: The Darkside on Sun Jan 26, 2014 1:13 pm


Renee froze a moment, hearing movement and a slam, her hand resting on the handle of the door. She stood like that a moment, praying that maybe the slam had been whoever else it had been leaving the room. After a few more minutes, she decided that must be the case and slowly pushed open the door, swearing under her breath when it creaked. Damn all these old doors. Damn the light fixtures too, half the older rooms still had fucking torched for lights. Once inside, she cast a glance around the room to see if she was going to get caught again. Last time they threatened to have Sebastian follow her around. Again. Besides the first time, they had given her the makeshift babysitter at least 10 times. Admittedly, she didn't mind how the last night of the last time ended, but she'd still rather avoid having to deal with him again.

As far as she could tell, no one was inside any more and she moved to the counter quickly. Being so damn short, she had to climb up onto of the counter to reach the top shelf. It had taken a year to convince Everick to bring in sweets, and she was going to get some for herself even if she might fall off the counter and hurt herself again

11The Darkside Empty Re: The Darkside on Sun Jan 26, 2014 1:20 pm

Friendly Local Witch

Friendly Local Witch
Cecil held his breath at the door's squeak. Oh boy, he didn't want to get caught. He'd only been in trouble very few times before, and he really didn't want to face more punishment ever again. He despised being told he's wrong, even if he is. What little of an ego he had, though that was enough to hurt it quite a bit.
He chanced a glance up when he sensed movement on top of his hiding spot, and saw the shoes and bottom of a woman. Well, nice view, he supposed, but after a moment he realized that wasn't very gentlemanly and began to stand slowly behind her. Standing up straight, he was equal to her height standing up on her tip-toes on that counter. Cecil tilted his head to the side to see her face, and wasn't very much surprised when the conclusion that it was Renee came to him.
"Sneaking things again, hm?" he inquired with a soft smirk sort of smile, thinking he'll probably scare her quite a bit. Cecil's voice was very low and a bit raspy, but still managed to sound almost unnervingly cheerful.

12The Darkside Empty Re: The Darkside on Sun Jan 26, 2014 1:41 pm


Renee had to pat around quite a bit before her hands met a box of cake mix followed by a half empty container of oreos. She might just make the cake, hell she might find a way to convince Everick that she was doing something totally sweet in the kitchen, not just making food to take on her most recent escapade (after curfew, I may add). Everick was an old softie and easy to convince of things, if he was alone, that was. But quickly enough she was torn from her thoughts of excuses and sweet treats as someone started talking.

She jumped, dropping the oreos to the counter with a small thud. The oreos fell out of the package and rolled around a bit on the counter as she panicked a moment before realizing she knew who the voice belonged to and turned around. She knew he was taller than her, but she was still shocked that she just barely equaled his height standing on the counter. Which was irritating, honestly "Sneaking? No, I got permission from Everick." She said, not even pretending this was an actual attempt to lie. Because of course it wasn't, maybe if she had a better excuse she would, but not now.

13The Darkside Empty Re: The Darkside on Sun Jan 26, 2014 1:53 pm

Friendly Local Witch

Friendly Local Witch
Cecil rolled his eyes and chuckled lightly, as the eyes decorating his forearms blinked and rolled their pupils with him. "Sure." He smiled and leaned slightly, picking up the Oreos that had fallen out of their container. He ate one and, with mouth full, said, "Five second rule," after which he took a paper towel from the counter against the wall and stacked the rest of the cookies up on it. Cecil swallowed his bite and took another, hand on waist, and asked, "So, planning to go out and almost get mauled to death?"--he paused to take a bite--"Again?" Of course he knew that's what Renee did--she got in trouble enough to suggest it. Her and him also shared a room, for crying out loud. It was fairly easy to figure that out when you're woken up from her trying (and failing) to sneak back to bed at the near crack of dawn.

14The Darkside Empty Re: The Darkside on Sun Jan 26, 2014 2:06 pm


As Cecil started to clean up the cookies she dropped, she climbed down off the counter. She slide her feet into her shoes, which she had slipped off before climbing onto the counter. She may be the type to go looking for a fight, but she wasn't about to go and get the counter covered in dirt and yucky-ness. That'd be just plain rude. She, used to his tattoos at this point, didn't seem to notice them and smiled "I don't think you need to worry about that, it's just a counter after all." She said, glancing down at it "And hey, I haven't headed out so it's not like I dripped blood on it this time."

She raised her eyebrows at the following question, shaking her head "I don't get mauled... Beaten up a bit, maybe." Renee continued to insist that she wasn't that poorly off in the fighting department "They're worse off anyways."

15The Darkside Empty Re: The Darkside on Sun Jan 26, 2014 2:14 pm

Friendly Local Witch

Friendly Local Witch
Cecil shrugged. He liked his neat little Oreo tower. He very much liked things to be organized, and even busied his hands as he spoke by pushing the cookies together to make the tower straighter. "That's true. Scrubbing blood off of things is really hard work." Cecil usually assisted in anything cleaning related he could around the sanctuary, further emphasizing his neat freak habits. "Alright, so you don't get mauled, yes, but whenever you come back with cuts and little bruises and the like I, admittedly, get a bit worried." He leaned against the counter, arm holding him up. "...I also wonder how you hide wounds. You must do a very good job at make-up in the morning. Looks real natural."

16The Darkside Empty Re: The Darkside on Sun Jan 26, 2014 2:40 pm


Renee watched as he continued neatening up the already neat tower, which she wasn't sure he could make much straighter without knocking the entire thing down. "At the very least, I haven't stained anything yet. I think." She squished the soft bag of cake mix she had found, looking around as if a clock might just happen to appear. Even if these people refused to use a normal time standard, she would at least like to know what 'period' of the day it was. She grinned, cockiness shining through "No need to worry, nothing's gonna stop me" She shrugged a bit, still irritated by the lack of any clocks in the building "I used to do stage makeup for Drama at school, got pretty good at it." Though admittedly, makeup on the wounds really, uh, stung. And by that she meant it hurt

17The Darkside Empty Re: The Darkside on Sun Jan 26, 2014 2:48 pm

Friendly Local Witch

Friendly Local Witch
He stopped his work on the Oreos to idle his hands with tapping lightly against the counter granite. Knowing what Renee was looking for, as used to do it a lot too, Cecil looked down at the watch on his wrist--as all of the eyes on that arm joined him in looking toward it. "Just a quarter to midnight. Well, that's something--didn't know you were into theatre." He smiled, raising his eyebrows. He was honestly curious about it, as he was with everyone's past. He had a fairly boring backstory himself, so learning more about others was really something. And you can never know too much about your roommate and possibly only friend, if he's in the right to call her that. Right?

18The Darkside Empty Re: The Darkside on Sun Jan 26, 2014 3:01 pm


"Probably not enough time to make this if I really want to leave tonight" She decided and, instead of climbing back up onto the counter, she slid open a drawer without putting all too much thought into whichever one it was and, without bothering to so much as look in the drawer, dropped the package in and shut it again. "I love theatre, or used to. Not like they give us enough time to enjoy stuff like that." She shrugged "I used to plan on going to this college that offered a really good Drama major.. too late for that, I suppose"

19The Darkside Empty Re: The Darkside on Sun Jan 26, 2014 3:07 pm

Friendly Local Witch

Friendly Local Witch
Cecil's eyes popped a little and his smile wavered when she dropped the mix into a place she didn't get it from. Reaching over, opening the drawer, and taking it back out himself, he put it into its correct spot without very much effort involved, saying, "It's good manners to put things back where you found them." Closing the cupboard slowly and giving her a smile again, a cheeky one now, he continued. "I suppose it is. I didn't have very much going for me, really. It'd been nice to be into something interesting like that." Cecil crossed his arms before asking, "How long do you plan to stay out tonight, young lady?" in a teasing, but in a good fun, friendly sort of way, and leaned down all the way to be at eye level with her. A bit straining on his back, really.

20The Darkside Empty Re: The Darkside on Sun Jan 26, 2014 3:28 pm


She shrugged again, though she'd actually try to put it away properly next time. Well maybe, she'd most likely forget. "I'm sure you did something more interesting than chasing around gangly teens and trying to stop them from stepping into the spotlight looking like crap." Renee said, laughing "Only a few hours?" She paused before she spoke, meaning that she was probably going to be gone a day or two if all went as she planned. Either way, she was still grinning

21The Darkside Empty Re: The Darkside on Sun Jan 26, 2014 3:37 pm

Friendly Local Witch

Friendly Local Witch
"I'm not sure about that. Hosting a radio show isn't very exciting when the majority of your listeners are old folk," Cecil muttered, glancing down and shrugging. "You have to talk loudly and slowly, or else you're dropped straight into complaint call Hell." Before being awakened, Cecil hosted a community radio show in his home town of Singing. A tiny town in southwest America, he's honestly pretty glad he was able to get away from that slow, boring desert village. "'Only a few hours?'" He repeated, with the same questioning tone she gave him. He noticed the hesitation and doubted that a bit, raising an eyebrow.

22The Darkside Empty Re: The Darkside on Sun Jan 26, 2014 3:44 pm


(did you change your icon? It looked like it happened twice now and I might be crazy if not xD)

"Radio show? While that sounds awful, I'm curious. What'd you talk about?" She said, glancing towards the door every now and then as though she thought someone might be heading their way. Renee would like to assume she was wrong, but more often than not these sorts of feelings turned out to be right, ever since the two year mark had hit and she was told she could perform magic "What I mean is, uh, three or four?" Again, there was a noticeable pause before she said how long

23The Darkside Empty Re: The Darkside on Sun Jan 26, 2014 3:55 pm

Friendly Local Witch

Friendly Local Witch
((I picked the wrong one at first because my computer froze up. Yes I did, though. ^-^ ))

Cecil stood up straight once more, nodding, oblivious to any sort of notion someone was coming their way. "Just local news, I guess. Nothing absolutely amazing. Old woman Josephine did always enjoy bringing me little cakes. Not the best, though; they always needed more sugar. She said the angels took it one day and she never got around to buying more...ever." The tale he just recounted didn't seem out of the ordinary at all to him; that's because when she had started bringing him treats at the station he had been awakened, and believed her angel stories because he could see them too. And they definitely were not angels.
After a short pause, Cecil furrowed his eyebrows down at her with a dubious look. "Three or four? Look, you can just tell me you're going to be out there for a very long while. I can tell. And I'm not letting you go out there for how longer than the whole night without companionship." At the final word of his order, he grinned and straightened his posture, meaning he meant himself.

24The Darkside Empty Re: The Darkside on Sun Jan 26, 2014 4:06 pm


(Okay, i was almost convinced I just needed to go take a nap or something)

"Angels took her.. sugar?" She asked, not at all confused by the word angels. While most of the creatures in this world insisted that angels were a bullshit idea, she wasn't about to deny the possibility of it after two years of... whatever this was. It was more the idea an angel would take sugar, of all things. She grimaced slightly "I'm.. not particularly good at lying, I take it?" With that she sighed, deciding to stop paying attention to the door "I was going to head to the edge of the town for a few days, there was something I needed to check out"

25The Darkside Empty Re: The Darkside on Sun Jan 26, 2014 4:12 pm

Friendly Local Witch

Friendly Local Witch
((Nah, you're good.))

"Yes," Cecil confirmed, "she said they needed it for their 'godly mission'. Total bullshit if you ask me, but they did do some chores around the house for the nice old gal. One changed a light bulb. The porch light. Really something." He cleared his throat to recover from his tangent there and light up with a grin, as the eyes on his arms literally lit up a soft purple too. "Oh? I-I think I should come. To be on the safe side." Though a homebody, Cecil hadn't been out of the sanctuary in nine months for fear of his life from the last time he stepped outside, and that time inside can make anyone quite a bit stir crazy. Plus, he could hide his want for actual fresh air and his fear of the dark creatures out there behind his want to be a hero and protect Renee if push came to shove. Yes, disguise with chivalry. Good plan. Cecil mentally patted himself on the back.

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