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NUSS Galahad

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1NUSS Galahad Empty NUSS Galahad on Fri Dec 27, 2013 11:46 pm


The many employed upon the vessel do their duty with a straight face, though they're quite disappointed with what their beloved war ship has become. Some might call the ships new owners "Pirates", but that might not be the best word because, even though the star-date happens to be 3057, the word Pirate still conjures an image of a buccaneer from the 1600s. The crew prefers the terms "Douchbage" and "Asswipe" to describe their new captain.

It's not bad enough that this "Pirate" of sorts took over their ship, they can't even be forced to do anything bad ass like steal. No, instead they've become some sort of space cruise ship, which is laughable. Taking people around to the most dazzlingly done up cities on planets much too far from one another.

The people traveling upon this joke of a ship are all a bit shady and all know what happened to the crew, which is equal parts Ex Navy and slaves. They all seem to be taking a break from breaking any laws and doing whatever illegal activity they happen to choose to be sticking their noses into. Every now and again, when stopping at a swanky port, the crew is allowed to step off... with a large device secured on their ankle that kills them if their captain is even a little suspicious that they're trying to escape and if finds out that they have escaped, he'll get them killed then as well. Because of this, most are too scared to attempt to run away during these stops at ports.

Their's talk of the crew attempting something, anything, to get rid of their stupidly insane and tyrannical captain, but this plan is four weeks away from fruition. For now, the crew is allowed some rest from dealing with their ship's.. guests.. as they're stopped at the Planet Iathea, going to the port located at what one may compare to the old world's "Las Vegas". They plan to remain there for three days before heading off and upon doing so, it's more time taking care of criminals until they reach another port.

Wow a plot I made a thing with actual plot wow

If it's a job at a hotel, it's an option for your character. If it's a cruise ship job go for it. If you think it'd be a fitting job for a space slave, 98% chance it'll work.

A roleplay week lasts four real life days, meaning their plan will be ready to be put into action in 16 days, at which point we can figure out if there's anything else we'd like to do.

If we end up with at least three people writing a crew member, I'll make a profile sheet for you to use for guests upon the ship, but I doubt I'll have that many people joining this so yeah.

Just go ahead and make your first post along with your bio/profile. I'll probably accept it no matter what so eh.

NUSS stands for New United States Ship.

THe New United States is located on the planet Xevets and is inhabitated by a multitude of alien races as well as humans and any combination of these races and their offspring.

Crew Member Bio
Race: (wow you can be any alien race from any fandom or even just a boring human wow awesome ~dazzle hands~)
Position on the ship:
Age: (21 or up)
Personality/History/Anything You Think We Need To Know:
Picture or Description:

Crew Members

Renee Golden

Mieyeni "Minnie" Ierrax

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2NUSS Galahad Empty Re: NUSS Galahad on Fri Dec 27, 2013 11:57 pm


Name: Renee Golden
Race: Human
Position on the ship: Works in the Casino on one of the lower parts of the ship, Usually as a dealer for Black Jack
Age: Twenty Fiiiiiiveeee
Personality/History/Anything You Think We Need To Know:
Wow Bullet Points ~jazzhands~

  • Quite Bubbly
  • Has Trouble With This Whispering Thing (Tends to just speak loudly, thus she's not in on what everyone is planning)
  • Has a Slight Drug Addiction
  • Was kidnapped by the captain long before he took over the ship, has barely any memory of her life before being kidnapped
  • Generally mistrusted since she was brought on the ship when the Captain took over, most assuming she tells him of any little going on when that's not true at all
  • Doesn't seem to care if what gender she's viewed as
  • Virgin
  • Actually manages to be pretty slow on the uptake of what sex is actually like
  • Wow learn more rping

Picture or Description:
NUSS Galahad R169_457x256_367_Smoking_2d_sci_fi_girl_female_woman_smoking_face_picture_image_digital_art

3NUSS Galahad Empty Re: NUSS Galahad on Sat Dec 28, 2013 6:46 pm

Friendly Local Witch

Friendly Local Witch
((Screams I'll use my OC alien race if you're down))

Name: Mieyeni (mee-yen-ee) "Minnie" Ierrax (ee-rix)
Race: Phaantazya (Pronounced like 'Fantasia'; from the planet Phaantazi--'Fantasy')
Position on the ship: A waitress in a bar near the stern of the ship.
Age: Twenty-seven *gunshot gunshot cash register noise*
Personality/History/Anything You Think We Need To Know:

  • A very quiet, sweet, and humble gal.
  • When she speaks English, she has to move her tongue to the back of her throat. It causes her vowels to become long or distort, giving her a sort of old-world US Southern accent.
  • Adores the cold; spends any break time she has in the freezer.
  • Worked on the ship pre-"pirate" captain as a highly-ranked and respected servant to the captain when she was younger; sent to serve in the bar full of perverted, sickly, sexist douchebag men (and women, on occasion).
  • Usually very sexually harassed (see above).
  • Panromantic and pansexual. Hella.

Picture or Description:
Her race comes in a large range of colors such as humans do--all those ebony to ivory shades. All have white polka dots that don their skin, all over from neck-down. Besides the spots, everything is very human-like, though toe and fingernails grow in special bright colors (blues, yellows, pinks, etc). Their hair comes in unnatural colors too, always matching their fingers and toes. A Phaantazya's face is featureless, outside of mouth and eyes, and have a smooth peppermint swirl on it. It is usually red and white, though other combinations of a color and white are common. Their eyes are a glazed-over white that lacks pupils, and has a glow to them that are always opposite on the color wheel to their hair/nails (red heads have blue, green heads have purple, etc). They cover their mouths with surgery masks to keep their incredibly long tongues from drooping out over their lips or scaring people with their razor sharp teeth. These features help them speak their native language, but other manners of speaking may come out oddly, with some kind of speech impediment. There is little sexual differentiation between male and female, as all are hermaphroditic and feature some, uh... pretty unusual stuff. A Phaantazya is considered female if she grows breasts, that's all. Females also tend to grow out their species' thick hair and prefer to make themselves up heavily and wear fanciful clothing. Males prefer to wear very simple clothes and keep their hair either close-shaven or just very short, though style it very fancifully. They live in a cold, constantly snowing environment.
Anyway, enough of that. Sorry about the word barf. Here's what Minnie looks like (super gross drawing sorry).

4NUSS Galahad Empty Re: NUSS Galahad on Sat Dec 28, 2013 8:58 pm


I've added her to the list (And btw, I both like the drawing and think she's surprisingly cute)

Also I forgot to do what I had stated people should by not adding in a post with my bio, so I shall now make one!

Renee leaned against the wall, watching people exit the ship in groupings of five. The groupings stopped in the decontamination bay for a moment, not even criminals were keen on bringing viruses to other planets apparently. Later when they got back on, they'd have to be decontaminated again, which Renee personally thought got really old really fast. She was waiting for the last of the guests exit so she could step off the ship for a while and unlike anyone else nearby, she hadn't been forced to slip on the large, metal, and deadly anklet. It really didn't help to make anyone less suspicious of her, but she didn't particularly realize that. If anything, she found their suspicion weird. She hated the man as much as they did, but apparently that was just far too hard for even one of them to realize.

Not one to think too highly of the ship's guests, Renee turned to the left to check some of the readings of the planet. Air breathable to the majority of the known species, except for any with amphibious qualities. There did seem to be a high level of air pollution, though, but what could be expected of any planet this hell hole of a ship decided to stop at. Otherwise, the scan didn't pick up anything of interest so when the groupings had finally cleared out and there was an announcement over the intercom, though Renee wondered why they still used something from before the last Technological Advancement, informing them that anyone who hadn't recently broken one of the many rules was allowed outside and that they would be checked at the exit for red flags.

Upon reaching the door, Renee was also scanned for any red flags, but none were found and she was allowed to leave the ship for a little while, as any other on the ship would be allowed to as long as they weren't found to be rebellious

5NUSS Galahad Empty Re: NUSS Galahad on Sat Dec 28, 2013 10:01 pm


I'd also like to mention how the flow of the week works

The first 24 hours after the start of the new week (which right now is just the first rp post) encompasses Monday. The current day will end sometime tomorrow around the same time as that post, which, in my time zone, would be about 6:00 PM. The following day will then be Wednesday, followed by Friday and Sunday. The entirety of the first roleplay week will take place at Iathea, followed by at least two days of the following in RP week being traveling between planets

6NUSS Galahad Empty Re: NUSS Galahad on Sat Dec 28, 2013 10:05 pm

Friendly Local Witch

Friendly Local Witch
((Oh, thank you!
Cool. Okay.))

Minnie despised having to go through all this...this...crap just to step out. The anklet made her usual cute little gallop of a walk into a drudging limp--which also made it hard to walk when paired with the heels that came with the 'uniform' for her bartending duties. She didn't have time to change out of that nonsense of bright, gaudy clothing if she wanted to maximize her break outside. She hoped it wouldn't be too hot. She hated warmness.
She stood with an angry look on her brow and her arms crossed as she was run through the scanner. After all of that malarkey, Minnie stepped down into the space port's cold steel flooring, took a big breath of the natural air, and then promptly started gagging due to pollution.

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7NUSS Galahad Empty Re: NUSS Galahad on Sat Dec 28, 2013 10:50 pm


A vendor who had someone had made his slimy way into the port had immediately noticed Renee and started trying to sell the air filters he had probably stolen. They were old models, probably from around 2098, but they looked like they would be good enough until she got a bit more accustomed to the high pollution this planet had. So she slipped out some money, the crew was allowed to spend twenty four credits per stop, and bought one of the filters, which she slipped over her mouth and inhaled in relief once the purify light had clicked on, savouring the now cleaner air. Barely any time had passed at all when Renee heard someone start gagging behind her, most likely because of the crap air no one's lungs should have to deal with.

She turned, her short brown hair swaying slightly from the motion, and stared at the girl she had seen around the ship at least once or twice before, considering buying the girl an air filter. She was sure the girl had her own twenty five credits to buy them, but honestly, she was concerned. After a moment of thought, she went against what she considered her better judgement and bought another one and soon found herself next to the other, holding out the air filter and speaking

"Do ya want to try this?" She asked, her voice sounding quite strange thanks to the machine she wore over her mouth "It helps, really"

8NUSS Galahad Empty Re: NUSS Galahad on Sat Dec 28, 2013 11:03 pm

Friendly Local Witch

Friendly Local Witch
Minnie paused in her fit of coughs and cleared her throat, looking at the other familiar girl. She took a moment to register that she had purchased and was offering her a air purifier, but when she came to her wits it made her feel very happy and grateful deep down in her pastel-colored insides. A feeling she didn't usually have the pleasure of having. Nodding, Minnie took the purifier with one hand and slipped the string of her mask off her ears with the other. Her forked tongue lolled over her glossed lower lip as she fumbled with the contraption, and after getting it on, getting her tongue to rest back in her mouth, and inhaling deeply, she smiled at the other and offered a greeting hand. "Minnie. Thank ya vury much. You werk on tha ship, yeah?"

9NUSS Galahad Empty Re: NUSS Galahad on Sat Dec 28, 2013 11:31 pm


Renee watched her quite passively, no longer quite as affected by the looks of other species as she would've been fi she hadn't been kidnapped when she was younger. She liked to think she probably came from one of those families that hadn't abandoned Earth and she probably would have had next to no interactions with aliens and they would be this wondrous oddity that were fun to meet instead of just another part of the blandness that was everyday life. When the girl had finished, she attempted to smile, though her lips were entirely hidden by the device and all that was evident of said smile was the corners of her eyes crinkling

"Yeah, down in the casino. Where exactly do you work?" It couldn't be on too low of a level of the ship, or she'd have seen her more she was sure. She seemed to finally notice the word of thanks, and nodded "It's no problem, by the way" Her voice, though a bit grainy and mechanical sounding because of the device, was upbeat and chipper. Probably the mood enhancers she shot into her veins at every port

10NUSS Galahad Empty Re: NUSS Galahad on Sat Dec 28, 2013 11:45 pm

Friendly Local Witch

Friendly Local Witch
Minnie sighed, crossing her arms, as such was a bad habit of hers. "Tha bar. It's ahn tha starboard, so you must be on tha port. Same level, if I'm nawt mistaken," she concluded, one hand sat up to tap her chin and the glow of her eyes looking up in thought. Her own voice was very calm and cool, a bit slow even, as she had always found human English fairly hard to speak and comprehend. It took her a bit to formulate her words correctly. She didn't really have many chances to practice, either; only remember the names of drinks and foods in many languages.

11NUSS Galahad Empty Re: NUSS Galahad on Sun Dec 29, 2013 12:20 pm


((Fuck me slowly in the ass I want to join this but Kaci doesn't know how to do shit because her character making skill have gone down the drain))

12NUSS Galahad Empty Re: NUSS Galahad on Sun Dec 29, 2013 3:22 pm

Friendly Local Witch

Friendly Local Witch
((Do you want me to help you?
You can give me base ideas you enjoy and I can help you flesh them out more?
Or, you can borrow my Wayfarer. I'll tell you about him, I guess. :?))

13NUSS Galahad Empty Re: NUSS Galahad on Sun Dec 29, 2013 4:28 pm


(I was actually going to offer help too, actually.
But yes we can both help if you need it yes)

"Possibly, it would actually make sense." Everyone loved getting drunk before they gambled. Well, she didn't. She wasn't allowed to drink the alcohol. Too bad for them they had no control over the enhancements and drugs she was going to buy in a few minutes. Preferring to not talk about their "job", she changed the subject "What're you planning on doing?"

14NUSS Galahad Empty Re: NUSS Galahad on Sun Dec 29, 2013 8:25 pm


((aah thank you guys
I'd love your help
I don't know where to begin though my brains been a tad fried))

15NUSS Galahad Empty Re: NUSS Galahad on Sun Dec 29, 2013 9:15 pm


(Well, do you know if you want to be a human or alien? I have a delightful alien race generator if that'd help?)

16NUSS Galahad Empty Re: NUSS Galahad on Sun Dec 29, 2013 9:44 pm


((ooh Id like to see it hehe))

17NUSS Galahad Empty Re: NUSS Galahad on Sun Dec 29, 2013 9:53 pm


(The URL is a bit below
Do you know what kind of role you'd have on the ship? I can grab suggestions, if you like? )

18NUSS Galahad Empty Re: NUSS Galahad on Sun Dec 29, 2013 10:18 pm


((iI have no idea,suggestions would be helpful!
aah thanks for helping ))

19NUSS Galahad Empty Re: NUSS Galahad on Sun Dec 29, 2013 10:31 pm


Well some ideas for jobs areeee
Technicians will repair and maintain the different gambling machines, such as slot machines. They will frequently test the machines and perform any necessary repairs, many times when the casino is full of people.

Maids and housekeeping cleaners keep rooms clean and comfortable. They make beds, vacuum rooms, empty trashcans, deliver ironing boards or rollaway beds and replenish soaps, shampoos and other supplies. They have to lift and move lightweight objects.

you can base it off jobs commonly on cruise ships?

The Deck Department offers the following cruise ship jobs: deck officer (captain, staff captain, first officer, second officer, third officer, safety officer, security officer), seamen,bosun and security personnel.

The Engine Department offers the following cruise ship jobs: engine officers (chief engineer, 1-st, 2-nd and 3-rd engineers, chief electrician), motorman, fitter, wiper, plumber etc.

The Hotel Operations Department offers the following cruise ship jobs: hotel personnel (chief purser, purser, assistant purser, junior assistant purser, junior assistant purser, crew purser, shore excursions manager, receptionist).

The Food And Beverage Department offerst he following cruise ship jobs: restaurant positions (F&B director, Maitre D', waiter, busboy / busperson, bartender / barmaid, bar steward, bar staff, buffet steward) etc.

The Housekeeping Department offers the following cruise ship jobs: cabin steward / stewardess (cabin attendant), room service attendant, utility cleaner, laundry staff, floor supervisors, pool attendant etc.

The Beauty Salon Department offers the following cruise ship jobs: beautician, hair stylists / hairdresser, massage therapist, cosmetologist, nail technicians, alternative instructors etc.

The Casino Department offers the following cruise ship jobs: casino manager, casino dealer (croupier), cashier, slot technician, casino accountant etc.

The Cruise Staff Department offers the following cruise ship jobs: cruise director, assistant cruise director, cruise staff, youth counsellor, aerobics and fitness instructor / trainer, golf instructor, scuba diving instructor etc.

The Entertainment Department offers the following cruise ship jobs: guest entertainer, lounge performer, comedian, singer, dancer, musician, stage manager, stage staff, sound & light technician, disc jockey etc.

The Medical Department offers the following cruise ship jobs: medical doctor (physician) and registered nurse.

The Photo Department offers the following cruise ship jobs: photographer and photo manager.

The Gift Shop Department offers the following cruise ship jobs: shop manager and shop assistant (duty free sales).

The Information Technology Department offers the following cruise ship jobs: computer system manager, computer systems hardware technician, internet manager.

The Galley Department offers the following cruise ship jobs: executive chef, sous chef, chef de partie, first cook, second cook, pastry chef, crew cook, dishwasher, butcher etc.

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