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Information and Character Applications

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1 Information and Character Applications on Mon Nov 11, 2013 10:08 pm


Headmaster Lollipop wrote:Dear Student,
You are simply getting the letter as a request to attend Mystal, A magic
school. Please consider joining us, for you have so much potential in the
world of magic! We would greatly appreciate you to come and join us. We are
located where you shall find us, Now Come along, we haven't much time.
Sincerely, Mystal.
Student Name:
Student Age: 14-19
Student Personality: Traits
Student Bio:
Anything else?: Fears, Phobias, etc.
Photo:  (Optional)

Types of Magic and other info.

Types of witches and warlocks
Elemental: Elemental witches have the ability to control an element.
Good: Good witches and warlocks follow the way of white (or light) magic. It IS rare among common witches and warlocks.
Bad: Bad witches and warlocks follow the way of black (or dark) magic. It IS rare among common witches and warlocks.

Fire Magic Fire Magic is all about fire. The witch or warlock has the ability to control and summon fire. Fire magic is common among elemental witches and warlocks

Water Magic Water magic is about water. The witch or warlock has the ability to work and connect with water. They can summon it or use it for good or bad.

Air Magic Air magic is about the winds. North, south, east and west. The witch or warlock can summon a wind or a gust of air.

Earth Magic Earth magic is about mother nature, connecting with earth. The witch or warlock can summon the earth as a shield or weapon.

White(light) Magic White magic is about good, powers summoned from the heavens to accompany the caster

Black(Dark) Magic Black Magic is about evil, Powers summoned from down under. The caster would have evil on it's side


Time Magic Indivuals with this magic type can time travel and mess with the flow of time, have to pass quite a few tests before they're allowed to freely use their magic. The magic is quite new, and can scientifically be considered a gene mutation of sorts. Never the offsprings of people who share the same magic type and are most commonly found with one parent whose a seer and the other a mind mage, which might be what causes the strange new sort of magic. These have only started to appear starting at the year 1950, and have never been seen before then

Blood Mage Illegal magic, not much is known about this

Mind Mage Most don't have control over every part of this, only one or two things (such as Mind Control and Mind Reading and such). Is starting to be frowned upon

Seers Seers can see things past, present or future

Dreamwalkers dreamwalkers can walk into dreams with someone else

Simple Magic Simple wizards channel the awe and mystique normal humans hold for magic into their power. using their powers to enhance more common party tricks used amongst the normal folk, their powers include limited mind reading (mentalism; they can pick out facts here and there in long term memory, but short term is really where it's at--not exactly thoughts, but more so 'what their card is' and things like that. Feelings and emotions are felt especially.) and slight of hand (false illusions can be created for misdirection, things can be summoned that are much large than what other wizards can manage, etc.). They're known to be quiet, smart, gentle wizards--that i, of course, they aren't a superstar in Las Vegas for their 'magician' acts.

Potions Class
Charms Class
Mortal History Class
Dorms (Boys-Girls)
The Lake
The Forest
The Garden
The Hidden Swimming Pool

You Must Have Teacher Permission To Visit The Following
Magic Town
(Magic Town Areas:
Sabrina's Alchemy Shop
The Elven Realm

You Might As Well Just Sneak Here, No Way You're Getting Permission
The Underworld

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2 Re: Information and Character Applications on Mon Nov 11, 2013 10:21 pm


Professor Higgletum wrote:Remember! You can suggest rare magic to Zan or Supreme Overlord! They'll need to be improved though, so just make sure they do that before you use it!
Professor Higgletum wrote:Making a thread within this section to roleplay is as easy as.. well, Muse! Just title the thread as usual, but remember to put brackets and write "*your characters name* ISO (In Search Of) *Other Character*". If it's open, just put OPEN in place of a name after ISO! Happy Roleplaying!
Professor Higgletum wrote:Remember to reply to this thread with your character application! Zan or Supreme Overlord will approve them!

3 Re: Information and Character Applications on Mon Nov 11, 2013 10:46 pm


Student Name: Ashley Simington
Student Age: 17
Student Personality:Flirtatious ,snide , stubborn , sweet(at times,esspecially if she cares about the person) , talkative , Shes a boss ass bitch , bitch,bitch , shes a boss ass bitch (there are so many levels to this character I dont even know how to explain)
Student Bio: Ashley had a identical triplet (Abbie) and a fraternal triplet (Muse) and a shit ton of half siblings. Her father was an abusive asshole and her mother neglected her. Her sisters practically raised her and she ended up alright. Rich and famous because of her last name and her stunning face. Despite her prim apperance and city girl faccade she loves to get down and dirty and kick some ass and fuck around with magic and go on wild adventures with her friends.
Anything else?: Fears, Phobias, etc: She hates insects, time magic irks her and she'd rather not fuck around with time.
Photo: I'm having faceclaim issues ok,ill fix later

4 Re: Information and Character Applications on Mon Nov 11, 2013 11:24 pm


Student Name: Muse Wright
Student Age: 17
Student Personality: Violent, Stubborn, Sex-Addict, Alcoholic, Never Serious, Loving, Rather Unpredictable, Athletic, Self Conscious, and I can barely describe this crazy bitch
Student Bio: As stated in Ashley's bio, her life is basically a long line of what the fuck, abusive assholes, and some complicated parent issues. Including an abusive dad and her mom somehow being the same woman as Ashley's mom even though they're both, at this point in time, their own people. Makes a ton of sense, she swears. She's never particularly gotten along with her sister and is rather hoping she got run over by a bitch-mower. Life didn't really get easier upon arrival to Mystal except for the inclusion of two boyfriends, which also got confusing when finding out the first had gotten lost in dreams which she never actually believed, and two insane-in-a-good-way best friends. She wishes there would be a normal year, but that's impossible
Anything else?:
She probably hates you
Likes bdsm but refuses to even admit to her own boyfriend
Likes erotica
Time travelers piss her off. Like really people.

5 Re: Information and Character Applications on Mon Nov 11, 2013 11:25 pm


-sorted these two into the same dorm-

6 Re: Information and Character Applications on Tue Nov 12, 2013 4:06 pm


That's going to turn out interesting haha.

7 Re: Information and Character Applications on Tue Nov 12, 2013 4:12 pm


Muse will
be so
fucking pissed

8 Re: Information and Character Applications on Tue Nov 12, 2013 4:17 pm


AHaha it'll be great.

9 Re: Information and Character Applications on Tue Nov 12, 2013 5:45 pm


Really I considered letting them be separated
but that wouldn't be hilarious

10 Re: Information and Character Applications on Tue Nov 12, 2013 6:18 pm

Friendly Local Witch

Friendly Local Witch
I wanna go i Wanna go I dwanna do it i+ wanna to doiut!!!!!huijfrbejk!1

I really wanna dispose of Bri, but maybe I'll bring back PJ and improve him (still gay as ever though shh) and er ah...probably a new character too! I've gotten a lot better at making characters, as I've seen when I went through the Mystal site the other side. I was sorting through memories, okay? Like taking a dusty scrapbook off the shelf and leafing through it.
But yeah. I'll get to work on that. I may post this other high school thing I've been working on sometime day too.

11 Re: Information and Character Applications on Tue Nov 12, 2013 7:54 pm


Ohhh I don't think I ever got to rp with PJ! I'm probably going to add in a second character somewhere down the line, but that'll wait until I've done a few things with Muse frist
A highschool thing? You should post it up wheneverrr

12 Re: Information and Character Applications on Tue Nov 12, 2013 8:06 pm

Friendly Local Witch

Friendly Local Witch
Yeah it's like super gamer-y. I told My Beautiful Overload Kaci but I probs will. I'll make a PJ thingy then! Very Happy
Oh oh question--vampires are a thing that can be done, yeah? Because I'll move my new OC into Mystal if so. That'd be hella.

13 Re: Information and Character Applications on Tue Nov 12, 2013 8:22 pm


Yes! Vampires are totally acceptable!

We had this whole list of races I was compiling back on the site, I'll make a thread with the list of them <3

14 Re: Information and Character Applications on Tue Nov 12, 2013 8:29 pm


Ah hell yes vampires are the bomb dot com

I'm still bitter the parp deleted my vampirestuck again

On the topic of second characters I have a hella lot Abbie and Audrey will pros wiggle there way in to start.

15 Re: Information and Character Applications on Tue Nov 12, 2013 9:07 pm

Friendly Local Witch

Friendly Local Witch

Student Name: PJ Marcs
Student Age: 16
Student Personality: A little shy at first meeting, sweet, artistic and a musician, submissive (nOT THAT WAY though maybe that too BUT I MEAN HE ALWAYS PUTS OTHERS BEFORE HIMSELF AND DOES WHATEVER HES TOLD SHHHH), and...idk i need character dev before I can have a good list.
Student Bio: PJ Marcs! A huge dork and a shy boy, he's excited to go to Mystal with his weak earth magic abilities. He's never been good at controlling it, and hopes to get better. (I reset him so he has no memories of Mystal before HUSH HUSH VERY SECRET)
Anything else?: Fears, Phobias, etc.: Well, he's a werewolf. We knew this. He can change to a wolf or half-wolf at mental will, but is at his strongest during a full moon, of course. Afraid of pure silver and falling.
Photo: Ah....real PJ...*sigh*....

(Vamp time WOOHOO)

Student Name: Halloween "Hally" Dalca
Student Age: 15
Student Personality: Cool, quiet, very much a hopeless romantic, a bookworm, almost always sick, a fiction author, opinionated but has too small of a voice to stick up for herself, and very nice and touchy-feely once you've befriended her.
Student Bio: A vampire since 1962, making her about 50 years old, Hally lives her days along the Sunset Strip of lovely LA, California with her father (also a vampire, who caught the vamp infection from Hally when she came home in a bad mood and thirsty), currently 80/The artificial lighting doesn't hurt nearly as much as the day's sunlight does, and the majority of people along dark alleys is great for sucking people dry, according to dad. But poor Hally has had crooked teeth for her entire life, leaving her with a lisp and making it harder to just suck a jugular and go. So, she lives off the blood of guinea pigs (her idea--they bread quickly and can be kept in the basement, so she never misses a meal) instead of having to catch and seduce humans into getting fanged by her, which is overall easier. Not by much, though; YOU try holding a guinea carcass over the bath, holding a plastic bag for the body and any extra bits that leak out, and try to keep blood from spraying all over the tiles? Yeah. That's what she thought.
Anyhoo, she doesn't have any magic herself, she thinks...And is coming to Mystal on scholarship for her excellent performance in her Homeschooling Program for the Inhuman Humanoid Species, hoping to develop some kind of magical spark through intensive study.
Anything else?: Fears, Phobias, etc. NOT afraid of garlic, crucifixes, etc. Can only be killed by a stake through the heart or the clean chopping off of her head. Afraid of bright lights and loud, monotonous tones.
Photo: The beautiful Mellisa Clarke ♥-♥

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16 Re: Information and Character Applications on Tue Nov 12, 2013 9:10 pm

Rettie Link

Both characters have been accepted and sorted into dormitories!

17 Re: Information and Character Applications on Tue Nov 12, 2013 9:14 pm

Big Boss

Big Boss
I got 2 lazy, poorly done enrollment forms (and I might make a 3rd character at some point oops sorry)

Student Name: Pax Ashdown
Age: 17
Student Personality: Shy, awkward, paranoid, not that smart, rather messed up mentally, prone to not knowing what the hell is going on and is almost always confused.
Student Bio: *slams face against wall* it sounds dumber each time I do this
Pax grew up with a mortal family in a small town with his parents and little sister and stuff kind of went to shit after his family found out he could do magic and needless to say everyone’s dead.
Anything else?: Claustrophobic and doesn’t really like crowds. Is only really good at playing the drums and art. He's not that great at magic. He's kind of a seer, but he's really bad at it so it's proving pointless.
Photo: None – can’t find a good FC.

Student Name: Stone Ruiz
Student Age: 18
Student Personality: Asshole, arrogant, can be flirty, indifferent to pretty much everything, can be loyal if he feels like it, selfish, usually honest.
Student Bio: Stone's mother had magical abilities, but his father and siblings don’t (and that’s just one more thing to inflate his ego even further). His mother died a few years ago unexpectedly, leaving his ill father and him to try to bring money into the house when they already didn’t have much when his mother was working anyway. Stone has 2 brothers and 2 sisters, all younger than him.
*doesn’t know what else to put here*
Anything else?: He doesn’t exactly ‘keep’ secrets, he just neglects to mention them due to his general apathy (he probably doesn’t consider them secrets because he doesn’t care/think about most of them enough for them to be secrets). If asked about anything, he’ll probably answer truthfully. He likes the colour white. He doesn’t get embarrassed (I believe in the past I used the example of a cat running into a door and the way they don’t acknowledge that they did something pretty fucking dumb)
(Oscar Spendrup or however the hell it's spelt - some Swedish model or s/t, idk)

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18 Re: Information and Character Applications on Tue Nov 12, 2013 9:16 pm

Rettie Link

Both characters have been accepted and sorted into dorms!

PJ Marcs and Pax Ashdown have been sorted into the same time! How Magical!

19 Re: Information and Character Applications on Tue Nov 12, 2013 9:18 pm

Friendly Local Witch

Friendly Local Witch
That man's face gives me a pang to my chest every time, Jesus.
Can you just stop with the face thing, my god.

:0 How magical indeed wowie.

20 Re: Information and Character Applications on Tue Nov 12, 2013 10:41 pm


*rolls into thread*
I just realized why Stone's FC looks so familiar to me
he looks a lot like a more attractive version of my cousin like they could be brothers
*rolls out of thread*


21 Re: Information and Character Applications on Sun Nov 17, 2013 10:21 pm


Student Name: Brina Calligen
Age: 17
Student Personality: Antisocial, blunt, what are social norms, likes reading, really awkward upon realizing she shouldn't have done something, doesn't care about many people, but really really cares when she does
More in depth explanation
Brina isn't one for pleasantries or wasting times, usually approaching someone only when there is a specific reason for doing so and one that is useful to her at the very least. If it helps others, that's nice.. but not particularly required. Really, she's just not the best at dealing with people and will usually manage to insult them (Rather it's purposeful or not can be quite hard to determine at times).

Unless she needs something, she will avoid dealing with people for more than she really needs to. What's the point of talking about something as silly as what a moron that one kid was the other day or why should she help you on your school work? First of all, she KNOWS that boy is a total idiot and has likely already told him so. Secondly, you wouldn't need her help if you paid more attention in your classes. It really isn't that hard, try to keep up.

Usually, she doesn't mean to be rude, she just doesn't see a point in most of what's happening and was never particularly taught that she shouldn't go around speaking her mind no matter how harsh her thoughts might sound. So now when she does finally speak, she'll likely say something bad and when she realizes it's bad, she's retreats back into her shell and begins awkwardly mumbling until you can't even hear her as she fidgets around and tries to apologize.
Student Bio:
Most of Brina's childhood was spent without much contact with parents, not that she minded though. She preferred that old woman, Rosetta, she was left in the company of to her mother and father any day. From what she had been able to gather from her short time spent with them, they weren't the most fun people.

They seemed to enjoy working more than spending time with their child which suited Brina just fine.  She preferred them being at work too, Rosetta may smell like she wore far too much perfume, but she had far more books than her family and so Brina spent a lot of her time there. That is, she did until Rosetta passed away a little after Brina had turned 9 at which point her family had no where to ship her off to during the day. Instead of giving in and spending more time at home, they bought a few gaming systems and kind of had her play those in between school and her bedtime. Rosetta had given her a few books, but Brina mainly focused on the games she had been introduced to at this point. Perhaps her parents weren't so bad if she were allowed two have these things now.

Her reaction to getting her letter was quite simple, pure joy. Not at the fact she was going to the school, really, but mainly because it was sure to be less lonesome than her house. Even if she
was lonely there, she wouldn't be too upset or shocked. She'd just bury herself in reading the way she had always done at school before.

While Brina had hoped to begin socializing and making many friends, a slight problem arouse and that was, very simply, the fact she had grown accoustemed to only really talking to people when she needed something or needed help with what she was doing. Not entirely knowing how to talk to people for prolonged periods of time, she decided to just.. not do so. Instead she focused on reading and doing simple things she could find slight fun in,

Anything Else: Has this music box this old man she spends time with made for her. Likes cats. Is a very poor dreamwalker, but also has some capabilities with blood magic. Much better with blood magic.

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22 WAHOO on Thu Nov 21, 2013 7:29 pm

Friendly Local Witch

Friendly Local Witch
Student Name: Stanley David Brighting (Goes by David--NO ONE knows his first name.)
Student Age: 19
Student Personality: David is basically divided into two layers in my head, as you go along the chain of befriending him. Bear with me.

  1. Very, very quiet; like, speaks four words a day quiet/stoic. Rarely shows emotion, though smiles here and there when he's spoken to by someone he likes. Very smart. Loves programming and robotics, though refuses to press buttons on a keyboard and so surrounds himself with touch-screen mechanics. He really likes photography, too, and takes a camera with him everywhere--even if it's just his phone. Funny, at times. Tells jokes with a straight face and his unwavering monotonous voice whenever he does, usually making them more amusing. Though, he's barely ever told a joke in his life; he's had few friends to tell them to.
  2.  Friendly, though still doesn't show much emotion. Quick-witted. Almost always first to help someone. An artist, though can only manage the figures of people, and therefore commonly sketches people playing sports or couples dancing. A coward most times, but when he feels like he'll have the upper-hand he takes the bull by the horns forcefully. A very gutsy gumshoe at heart. Also, pretty romantic. He loves the idea of being in love, though never has been himself.

Student Bio: Uh here have this fucking novel I wrote under Writing.
Anything else?:

  • Mental Tidbits: Severe schizophrenia, thanatophobia (fear of dying), ligyrophobia (fear of loud sounds).
  • During his life before, his office number was 427. Being reminded of that number in any way can trigger him into a panic.
  • Concerning the 'restart' mechanic mentioned in the bio: David has a power that's certainly not rare, but is uncommon among Simple wizards. It's called 'Recycling', or 'Relife'. As stated, when dead, David goes back to the last major point of his life; an important decision, usually, no matter how long ago it is from his death. Though now, his ability at this has weakened. If he died now he'd likely restart all the way at some point in his toddler years, which is too counter-productive to really call it a power now. Every time he dies, though, he keeps any wounds his corpse would have kept. Currently, these include:
    -Shoulder and upper back scars from explosion (Cycle 2)
    -Wide, yet thin scars on the sides of his waist from being crushed (Cycle 3)
    -Scars along lower neck and collar bone from choking self to death (Cycle 4)

Photo: Ross O'Donovan. My glorious baby.

23 Re: Information and Character Applications on Thu Nov 21, 2013 7:42 pm


Professor Huggletum wrote:David has been approved and sorted into Stone Ruiz's dorm! Have a magical time and do get along!
Can I say he's fucking awesome?????

24 Re: Information and Character Applications on Thu Nov 21, 2013 7:43 pm

Friendly Local Witch

Friendly Local Witch
Gone Fishin' wrote:
Professor Huggletum wrote:David has been approved and sorted into Stone Ruiz's dorm! Have a magical time and do get along!
Can I say he's fucking awesome?????
Are you 4 real Embarassed 

25 Re: Information and Character Applications on Thu Nov 21, 2013 7:47 pm


Yes, yes I am I find the bio/story (really it does qualify as one) to be very interesting and he's very well put together Smile

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