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So your new to roleplaying

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1So your new to roleplaying Empty So your new to roleplaying on Mon Apr 29, 2013 9:23 pm


First of all Im pretty sure your thinking. Oh my,Im a beginer/this is my first rp/what if the hate me. Because trust me,I have been there and you are surely not alone. But just keep calm because we have all been a beginer at some point,everyone starts somewhere. But don't let the fear stop you from roleplaying because you could turn out to be absurdly good,or not.Its all good either way.

But wait,your getting ahead of yoursellf I don't even know what rping is.
Text Role playing games (such as ones found on this site) are sort of like a group story. Someone will start out by writeing a passage with there character,most of the time in a setting establish by the roleplayers. I.E(lets say I wrote this.It would be my starter.) :Johnny was standing in a dark frigid hallway,he was scared and alone.  and then lets say my friend Zan comes and makes her post with her character Mary sue was strolling along the same dark hallway.She noticed a familliar face "Johnny!" She called out grinning.  her character saw mine and called out to him and then I would make a reply such as "Oh!Hey Mary Sue!Sure is cold in this hallway" Johnny said as he stood up and walked over to mary sue.  and we would go on like that.

Ok I sort of understand this roleplaying thing.But Im scared how do I start and ask people to rp with me.What if they hate me
So to start you can either make a thread yourself(if you have some good ideas) or join someones starter or just ask them (or you can ask me cause Id probs be happily obliged) So as for asking if the will rp/can join there thread just ask nicely and politley and then commence the rping. They wont hate you! Even if your writing isnt the greatest.

But that persons writing is so much better,ugh they way I write is terrible!

but I still have more questions!

Pretty much just come and ask myself or like anyone else

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