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Super Helpful Tips, Just To Let You Know

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1 Super Helpful Tips, Just To Let You Know on Mon Oct 21, 2013 5:55 pm


hey, so if you're new to the forumotion layout, there's some helpful features it has that I pretty much neglected to tell anyone about. I suck, I know.

{you might need to zoom out a little in your browser to see these pictures, they're pretty long}

Okay, so at the top of the page you'll see:

  1. Mark all forums read - if there's a bunch of NEW POST notifications bugging you, click this button and they're gone.

  2. View unanswered posts - if no one's replied to a new topic, that thread will show up here

  3. View your posts - probably the most helpful, if you've posted in something, it shows up here. So you can keep track of your threads. It's organised by the newest posts, so the more active ones will always be at the top.

  4. View posts since last visit - if you haven't been on in a week or so, click this, it'll show you what you've missed. It doesn't always work, especially if you've stayed signed in, so it's not super helpful sometimes.

And at the bottom of the page you'll see:

Today's Active Topics - if a thread has been posted in today, it'll show up here. Way helpful for catching up. But once the clock hits 12:00 and the next day starts, it's reset, so if you're up late it can be irritating.

But yeah, hope this helps for anyone unaware/not used to this layout.
If not, well that's okay too ;3

2 Re: Super Helpful Tips, Just To Let You Know on Mon Oct 21, 2013 5:59 pm


It's super great that you uploaded this, since I never even fully realized some of these things existed (I'm pretty sure the only one I noticed while on Mystal was the top 20 posters and that's because I liked being on top shh don't judge)

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