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Important things for planning purposes

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1Important things for planning purposes Empty Important things for planning purposes on Fri May 22, 2015 10:48 am


Snaps and I have talked about trying, once again, to bring more attention to the site. Currently, I'm working a tumblr account to advertise and maybe a separate ask blogish thing to also draw attention over here.

I need to know if anyone else would want to be a mod on the blog so I have the list of that ready to go. It'd also probably be handy to update who we have set as mods on here (since my previous account was, but this isn't, and I need to know a complete list).

We have a section for... canon universes (idk what to call them), as we all know. Are there any we'd like removed/added? Nothing ever happened with Neshyrea, so perhaps it's best to simply get rid of it. If we think there'd be a lot of interest in a fansession for Homestuck, we could add that or something. I just bring this up because I'd also need a complete list of RPA-canon verses on the site.

(Though btw I'm totally interested in developing an apocalypse universe)

I haven't started any graphics for the blogs, but on that note do we still need a banner here? There was some talk of it back when we started this place up, but nothing ever came of it? If I'm informed of the width and shit/ratio/whatever we'd need, I can see if I can throw together a rough draft to consider?

I was thinking about just hitting it with my usual drawing style, but if you'd like something more anime-ish or more cartoonish, let me know.

I can't think of more things we need to talk about currently, but feel free to tell me if there's anything you'd like to see.

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